Is there a place where I can withdraw cash?
Yes. ATMs are located on the first floor of the airport by the central stairs. There are Hokkoku Bank, Seven Bank and Aeon Bank ATMs.
How can I get to Kanazawa Station?
There is a shuttle bus available that runs between Komatsu Airport and Kanazawa Station. Buses from Komatsu Airport (to Kanazawa Station) depart 10-15 minutes after domestic arrivals. (Bus stops 1 and 2) For buses to Komatsu Airport (from Kanazawa Station), please refer to the website’s Access Information page for the timetable.
Are there tourist pamphlets at the airport?
Pamphlets are available at the Hot Plaza Hokuriku. Tourist pamphlets in English and other foreign languages can be found at the International Arrivals Lobby and the International Departures Lobby.
Can SIM cards be purchased?
Yes. SIM cards are sold at the shops in the Komatsu Airport Hokuriku Air Terminal 1F. - OCN SIM Card – Price: ¥3,780 (Tax incl.) Can be used for 14 days Usage: High speed internet can be used for up to 100MB per day (The internet speed will be severely lowered if more than 100MB is used in a day)
Can I use the internet at the airport?
Yes. There are currently 15 antennas placed around Komatsu Airport and the internet can be used free of charge. A smooth Wi-Fi connection is available with Komatsu AP free WIFI. You can also use the coin operated internet terminals.
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