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Capacity for Jumbo Jet Services

cargos load into cargolux aircraft by maindeck loader This airport is used by both the Air Self-Defense Force and civil Aviation, and it's the only airport in the Hokuriku District in Japan with a 3,000 meter class runway, which permits operations by jumbo jets.

Gateway to Hokuriku

Komatsu Airport is located in the center of the Hokuriku District in Japan. Because of the domestic expressway system, beginning with the Hokuriku Expressway, it is only six hours from Tokyo, four hours from Osaka, and about three hours from Nagoya. As a result, it serves three major parts of the domestic economy (Kanto, Chukyo and Kansai).

Low costs

Landing fees are cheaper at Komatsu than at Narita or Kansai Airports, which is an advantage for carriers. Other costs are lower than big city areas, too.

Strong Support System

10t folk lift In order to handle a large volume of air cargo, the Hokuriku International Air Cargo Terminal Co., Ltd. (HIACT) was established in 1994 as a third sector organization (half public/half private), and is strongly supported by the Ishikawa Prefectural government and local industries. In short, this system is maintained through the cooperation of public and private organizations.

HIACT as a third sector organization

HIACT is equipped with a 4,000 square meter bonded warehouse, a 30 cubic meter fumigator, 3 freezers, a refrigerator, 2,300 square meter track yard , two main deck loaders, 4 rump tractors(for dollies), 9 fork lifts(10t, 6t, 3.5t, 2t), and 65 dollies.

Structure of HIACT

Major freight forwarders, such as Nippon Express, Kintetsu Express, and Yusen Air & Sea Service have invested in HIACT. As a result, it has the same kind of gateway systems for different kinds of business as major airports.

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