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Rent-a-Car Counter

Business hours:8:30〜19:30
Address:Yo-50 Ukiyanagimachi, Komatsu 923-0993, Ishikawa Pre.,
Komatsu Airport Terminal Bldg 1F.

Rent-A-Car Information Desk


・Reception Desk for customers who have reserved a rental car with Toyota Rent-a-Car, Nippon Rent-a-Car, Orix Rent-a-Car, Times CAR RENTAL, Nissan Rent-a-Car, J-Net Rent-a-Car.

・Make arrangements and necessary contacts to car rental shops for customers at the counter.

Contact Information

Toyota Rent-a-Car 【CEP service is available】

TEL: 0761-24-0100
Toyota Rent-a-Car Komatsu Airport Shop

NIPPON RENT-A-CAR 【CEP service is available】

TEL: 0761-24-0919
Nippon Rent-a-Car Komatsu Airport Shop

Orix Rent-a-Car 【CEP service is available】

TEL: 0761-21-0543
Orix Rent-a-Car Komatsu Airport Higashi Rental Site
Orix Rent-a-Car Komatsu Airport Nishi Rental Site

Times CAR RENTAL 【CEP service is available】

TEL: 0761-23-3838
Times CAR RENTAL Komatsu Airport Shop

Nissan Rent-a-Car 【CEP service is available】

TEL: 0761-24-4123
Nissan Rent-a-Car Komatsu Airport Shop

J-net Rent-a-Car

TEL: 0761-24-4041
J-net Rent-a-Car Shop (Japanese language only)

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